Monday, March 20, 2006

Of Barbershops and Nodding Dogs

barber shop

I pass a barbershop on my journey each day called ‘The Men’s Room’. It look’s the business, it even has one of those red and white striped twirly things out front, which are there, incidentally, because back in the day the barber would sharpen his razor on a rotating cylinder of stone with a spiral of velvet wound up it so that the blade would be sharpened and polished alternately. (I might have made that up. If you have any idea why that spiral thing is there, do let me know.) Anyway, what I was going to say was, would you really want to have your hair cut in a place that shares its name with a public toilet? Perhaps they have a row of urinals up against the back wall, and, I suppose, it wouldn’t be too much of a problem if they did, because with name like ‘The Men’s Room’ you can be sure there won’t be any women around.

After I’d been thinking about this I looked down at the car next to us. There was a nodding dog on the dashboard, except given the particular vibrations and movements of the car it wasn’t nodding at all, just shaking its head side to side. The occupants of the car were trying to decide which way to go, holding a map and pointing fingers, and the dog just kept on shaking its head. Like a perpetual pessimist it sat there, forever pronouncing negative judgement on their every decision. You can bet I’ll never have a nodding dog at the front of my car.


Blogger john said...

The red and white pole: in the olden days people who were babaers also you used to do operations on people, probably things like sawing off their legs. The red band around the white pole is therfore blood.

In Rawtenstall where I spent some of my previous life and which is not a million miles from South Manchester (more like 25) there is a babers "Jimmy's Place" that is housed in a building which in a previos life (this comment is a fractal by the way) used to be a public toilet. Maybe "The Mens' Room" is a barbers for gay men.

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