Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Allow me to interrupt your 43 bus blog experience for a rare deviation. Yesterday, at the first ever annual Manchester Blog Awards, ‘43’ was named winner of the Blog of the Year category! Can you believe it?

What's that? What do you mean 'No'? Look, I was even given a logo to prove it.

Yes, an unlikely turn of events, especially given the quality of the competition: ‘43’ was shortlisted for Blog of the Year alongside the venerable Mancubist, and the witty and intelligently written Airport Diaries. The writer of the Airport Diaries and I were even given the opportunity to read a few of our posts out at the award ceremony at Urbis, which was tied in to the Manchester Literature Festival.

A big thanks goes out to the Manchizzle for masterminding and organising the awards, and also for therefore disqualifying herself from the competition and hence giving the rest of us a chance.

While I’m at it I’d also like to thank my wife for staying out late and supporting me even though she has to get up early because she has a real job.

In more (shamelessly self promoting) news, it’s been an busy few days for the 43 blog, as only a week ago I gave a short interview for Richard Fair on BBC Radio Manchester. In case you are curious Richard has kindly posted about it on the BBC Manchester Blog.

Please accept my apologies for interrupting normal viewing to bring you this (I couldn’t resist), more 43 proper coming soon.


Blogger The Murphmeister said...

Well Deserved, 43. Just the ticket!

12:36 pm  
Anonymous Bex said...

Eee - well done Geoffrey. Very well deserved, not that I've read much of the Manc competition, but it compares very well to the wider blogosphere.

You should publish it!

5:23 pm  
Blogger KAZ said...

Congratulations - hope you wore a nice frock!

6:22 pm  
Blogger Tim said...

Very pleasant to meet you and Mrs. 43.
And well done.

7:01 pm  
Anonymous Roses said...

How cool are you?! Well done. Congratulations!

9:16 pm  
Blogger vanillasky said...

Congratulations. Extremely well deserved.

9:36 pm  
Blogger Gavin White said...

Well Done Geoff - Great Prize to win and well deserved for a very creative blog - Be Blessed Mate and Love to Sarah.

10:07 pm  
Blogger Jez said...

Well chuffed for u pal! Congrats and well deserved! I always recommend your blog and enjoy reading it! Jezman

12:13 pm  
Anonymous Mancubist said...

Congratulations and fully deserved. I hear your reading went down well too.

12:09 am  
Anonymous Ben said...

Congrats dude! Very impressed!

11:07 am  
Blogger piccadillywilson said...

Well done GJ - I wish I could've been there. I knew you were up for it and I had a funny feeling you'd bag the prize!

11:22 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done...this is encouraging to see.

4:09 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments! back to posting soon...

4:16 pm  
Blogger cinemec said...

From one Manchester blogger to another...

Congrats on the award! Heard about it on 5 Live last night and have been enjoying your blog today.
I'm an evil car driver these days but memories of the 43 come flooding back as I peruse your archives.

12:58 am  
Blogger suzy snow said...

Congratulations, but not surprising! Your blog is unique and your writing is superb!

4:21 am  
Anonymous 43-Wallah said...

Congrats on your award, heard about it on 5 live last night. The 43 is the most important and interesting bus route in Manchester and should have it's history recorded.

5:29 am  
Blogger Suzy Scott said...

Hi 43, well done :-D [p.s. Blogger has only just told me about your comment on my blog from the summer... thanks for that too!]

11:23 pm  

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