Monday, March 20, 2006

On Unrequited Love

To pass the time I read the biro scrawl graffiti on the plastic in front of me:

‘I heart Holly’

‘Niall 4 Holly’

‘Holly is 100% fit’

‘Holly is Bad’ (I didn’t know people still said that)

‘Holly is potes’ (What?)

So all the best to Niall and Holly. I hope they have a happy life together, or a least a happy week. Of course, Holly might not even know who Niall is. These may be the only glimpses of expression that Niall's desparate but shy heart will afford itself. Unrequited love is both beautiful and devastating. Beautiful because it capture’s a tiny glint from the many faceted diamond that is love, but devastating because that’s all it captures.

I wondered if unrequited love was a bit of an oxymoron; could there ever be such a thing? Surly it should be called unrequited infatuation, or something. Love is too big and complex a thing to be one sided. To really know what it is to love someone don’t they have to love you back? But then perhaps not. Perhaps a parent can love a child who hates them back, and perhaps a God can love His creation even if they reject Him. Why is our vocabulary so feeble in this area?

A few splatters of rain hit the window, someone on a ladder was cleaning the MacDonald’s sign, and the bus pushed on to Piccadilly.


Anonymous Jimmy said...

Years ogo I knew a young man who was a Christian and also a very nice person (do you get oxymoron sentences)But he wasn't quite the full quid.
He confided in me that he was in love with a girl in the church and he said something to me that I'll never forget. He told me he went into a forest and pinned a note that he loved her to a tree in the hope that she would find it and read it.

2:51 pm  

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