Friday, April 28, 2006


Man has tattoos and headphones in, one earring, dozes, coat across his knees. Behind him man reads a newspaper, head tilted, worn leather jacket on his back and cropped hair. Behind him man chews gum, one headphone in, taps his fingers on his knee, leather jacket, arm rests over his bag. Behind him man reads newspaper, big features, like Shrek, looks pensive as he reads, biting his large top lip, squinting in the sun, dirty white trainers. Behind him, an empty seat.

The back bench, a man rises and walks down the aisle. Notices a pretty girl, and looks briefly. Then he turns back and looks for longer, staring, creepy. I can’t see if she’s looking at him. He turns to go downstairs and takes a final look as he leaves. Unashamed.

The bus is crawling along in traffic. The sun is shining outside. I’m still wearing my headphones, but my music stopped twenty minutes ago.

Wish you were here,




Blogger JohnB said...

This could be anywhere...we are all the same no matter our longitude or latitude position on terra firma. Excellent post!

4:01 pm  
Anonymous Ben Gibbs said...

Hi Geoff! Good to see you started a blog about your bus journey's! Very thoughtful and provoking. Thanks dude!

10:47 am  

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