Saturday, March 25, 2006

On Waiting For The Bus

Heavy cloud quickened the onset of dusk while I stood at the bus stop, preparing for my journey home. While I waited I watch the world around me, and I saw the colours and the contrasts, the depth and shadow and lights, a beautiful composition of movement and stillness. For a brief moment I found myself really looking at the world, taking it in like you take in the masterpiece of a great artist. It was pretty cool. I wander if it’s a talent that I can cultivate, seeing the world like this?

It’s usually left to the painter, or photographer to take a piece of reality and present it to us in this way. They say ‘look, here, at this tiny segment of reality, this reality that you exist in every day, which rushes past too fast to see, isn’t it something?’ And yes, it is, it’s awesome. At least, that’s how I felt as I stood there waiting for the 43.


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