Friday, July 28, 2006

A letter.

Dear Geoff,
Firstly, I'd like to say how much I've enjoyed your blog about the 43 bus, it really is the best blog about the 43 bus on the Web, and the Web is a really big place, really big. I mean, the hard drive on my MP3 player is pretty big - but the Web is like even bigger than that. So well done there.
However, let me ask you this, what would be the quickest way to push the self destruct button on this poetical saga of love and hope? A rhetorical question, of course. You well know the answer. Perhaps, say, if you stopped getting the bus in favour of some other form of transport? Like a toy that’s lost its novelty value, you have cast aside the once much loved 43 and began a new affair with your recently fixed mountain bike. Loser.
Now I know what you're going to say: the bike is quicker (for you), more healthy (for you) and cheaper (for who? - for you). It's all about you, isn't it? It hurts.
So what now? Is this the end? There is no WestWing without Jed Bartlet. There is no bus blog without a bus. I suppose you think you can evolve, keep the name perhaps, but vary the inspiration? But what, are you going to write about your BIKE journey? Gee, give me a break. I suppose you think it'll be quirky, people will ask 'Why is this blog called 43?' and 'Why is there a little picture of a bus at the top?' and you will answer 'Well, years ago I used to blog only about the 43 bus, isn't that great?' No, Geoff, it isn't great.
Anyway, soon the rain will come back, and the cold will come back, and you will be remained that you live in Manchester, not Mexico, and you will find yourself crawling back to the 43.
Until then? Perhaps you can pull something out of the bag, something more entertaining than some dumb letter to yourself. We live in hope.

Anyway, lots of love,

p.s. say hi to mum and dad for me.


Anonymous photoDude said...

I'm a number 42 man myself. Stops at Parrs Wood. If I want to go all the way t'airport I normally bike it.

10:51 pm  
Blogger yankunian said...

Thing is, solo bike rides are crap for generating amusing anecdotes and opportunities to eavesdrop on conversations and generally observe humans in their natural environment. They're even crap for giving one time to pause and reflect and, I don't know, sketch something. But you know all this. Maybe just one bus ride a week?

10:13 am  
Blogger Geoff said...

Yankunian, that's exactly it - a solo bike ride is, well, solo. Independant, alone. Perhaps i will miss the bus too much in the end.

10:32 am  
Anonymous photoDude said...

agreed. I don't usually cycle everywhere. I'm not like some earth-muffin type tree-hugger who cycles everywhere. I sometimes just cycle up to the airport for a bit of exercise. It does give me an opportunity to stop and take a photo though.
I do enjoy the bus but I would never take my camera out on a bus for fear of a mugging by the skunk smoking scallies that usually inhabit the upsatirs backseats.

12:42 pm  
Blogger Captain said...

I love riding my bike to work but then again my work is driving a bus so I guess I get the best (or worst) of both worlds.

2:46 pm  

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