Wednesday, August 16, 2006

(It's not the 43)

I board a bus, it’s not the 43, but it is a bus, a step in the right direction, though it’s not the 43. A bus “that takes you to town!”, as I am reassured seven times by a small boy calling out at the front to a pair of adults who might be his parents.

There’s no top deck (it’s not the 43), and so we make do, huddled up along each bench, while mothers at the front tactfully tessellate their pushchairs.

Did you know that since I’ve been cycling more often, people have been posting me their bus passes and pleading with me to get the bus and blog about it? Seriously, I know, it’s crazy! It’s happened loads of times!

Well, ok, maybe not loads. A few times though. Well, once, for sure. And, I guess, technically speaking, it wasn’t a bus pass in the envelope, but it was money! Or at least, it was a request for money, strictly speaking. And it wasn’t so much from a fan of my blog, as from our gas supplier. But still, pretty cool huh?

Anyway, I’m on the bus (though not the 43) and it keeps stopping every twenty yards to pick up more passengers, more mothers with pushchairs, and I see a beautiful dance, The Pushchair Dance, that I usually miss from sitting on the top deck. Each time a pushchair gets on or off the dance begins as they deftly rearrange themselves in that tiny space.


Anonymous nimoi said...

hello geoff what's the longest stretch of the day you have ever spent just being on buses?

11:16 am  
Blogger Geoff said...

Well, I don't know, does magic bus count? I once went from manchester to london, then london to southampton all in one go. Otherwise, i guess an hour when the traffic's really bad. Have you got a story to tell?

12:19 pm  
Blogger piccadillywilson said...

what a lovely thought- the push chair dance! unfortunately, I'm not that gifted... more like a blind bulldozer when we get on a bus!

grace and izaac (even tho' matt's piccie's on this- am sabotaging his blog!)

4:38 pm  
Anonymous tristan said...

Power to you getting a different bus, the 43's gotta be the only one I'd board going through studentville. 42 and 142's are a joke ;)

8:19 pm  

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