Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On Moving Forward

For the first time I board the brand new stagecoach double-decker. Stepping into the future, I buy my buss pass with anticipation.

What technological advances will be incorporated into this icon of 21st century travel? Perhaps personal video screens, or wireless internet, or a massaging electric seat, or a holographic assistant to tell me when my stop is approaching, or maybe even an escalator to carry me to the top deck.

From the outside it is clear that the designers of busses still feel that the future is marked by an increasing degree of curviness. The only obvious addition, apart from making things a bit more curvy, are roll-bar type structures running up the front edges, presumably to parry low hanging braches in leafy suburbs, or maybe for the odd monkey or two to hang from.

Once inside I confess to being a little disappointed. No heated seats, no wireless internet. The ‘stopping’ sign has been given a new sexy-curvy makeover, but really not much change at all.

Except, that is, for one phenomenal advancement. We are truly living in an age of progression. On this new model double-decker the no-smoking stickers are on the outside of the window! No longer will they be picked at and scratched and torn by bored commuters. I bet someone got a raise.


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