Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,
Sat there, with your black suit and black shirt ‘n’ tie combination from Next Mensware; with that ‘just out of college’ look, and beginning your long journey into world of business; driven at first by reasonable wants though soon to be a slave of desires that you never asked for, but were thrust upon you by a merciless industry; with your lingering acne that makes you feel like you are paying for crimes you never committed, and slicked back hair that shouldn’t be receding yet; with that thin moustache that you stroke, and wispy sideburns that should make you look older; with your JD sports bag at your side and Independent on your knee,

You seem like a nice person, but you’re sat in my favourite seat.

With love,


Anonymous me said...


Which is your favourite seat? Just so that me know not to sit in it!

12:26 pm  

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