Thursday, November 09, 2006

On Yellow Coats

When it rains, and the air is cold and thick, and you can see your breath, I think it is quite understandable to be unusually appreciative of the colourful company waiting at the bus stop. A short stocky man in a yellow rain coat, who I have seen before on a number of occasions (always wearing that same rain coat) confidently strode up to our little gathering. He had a brown woollen hat pulled over his head and a smile as wide as his face. In a thick Jamaican accent he chatted to an older man, who he evidently knew to some degree (no doubt they had met at this bus stop a few times before). From their conversation I learned that the Co-Op in civic is due to close after Christmas, ('What's going to take it's place?' 'I don't know...Asda?') and that the women with two dogs across the road takes the dogs for a walk at 4am every morning, without fail. Apparently.
This little experience got my day off to a good start. It might have been that the familiar Jamaican, with his low, heavy stature, all weather clothing and wonderful smile had imparted to me a sense of being able to face whatever the day may throw up, with a smile thrown in to boot.


Blogger Delta said...

Wow. This is weird. I came across you when on the BBC. I get the 41, 43 and 48 busses into Piccadilly from Northenden every single day at about 7:35 AM, and back at 3:20 PM. School life... You know. You might have heard of Trinity High School? I'm stationed up there.

Never know, we might have already met! That'd be kinda cool. :D

Delta -

9:46 pm  

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