Friday, January 19, 2007


I apologise for the longest break since this humble blog began its life. I have been on a blog vacation which means that, for an extended period of time, I tried to forget I have a blog. It has been rather (un)like the little boy who, tired of the feeding and the care and the cleaning after the initial novelty has worn away, tries his hardest to shut out the memory of his pet rabbit in the hope that it will be forced to escape in search of food, or perhaps even curl up into a small ball deep in the hay and enter a wakeless sleep. But much to his surprise our young protagonist returns to the hutch after the cold winter to find the rabbit emerging from a deep hibernation and looking as content and healthy as ever. Filled with a renewed sense of respect for his sturdy pet the boy determines not to abandon his rabbit right now (he decides he should at least try and keep it alive for a year).

The interesting thing about not blogging for a month is that my hit counters haven't shown any decline (and no, not all my hits are from stray googlers in search of bus timetables).


Anonymous Granma Wah said...

I remember that rabbit - and the times it DID escape (was it looking for food or just yearning for freedom), and I remember the crazy chases under the laurel bushes as we attempted to re-capture the poor thing. I would never have bothered, if it had not been for a small boy's desperate plea, and the certain knowledge that said rabbit would have destoryed Mrs Richard's brassicas.

6:26 pm  

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