Friday, November 24, 2006

Philosophies of the 43, No.2


Empiricists generally hold to the belief that the only way to have any idea about the timings of the bus is to actually go out and empirically measure the arrivals and departures. True Knowledge of The Bus, they say, comes only through what our senses can observe about the actual bus. Other methods are shunned, particularly the appeal to the Bus Timetable. Such an ancient text (sometimes up to six months old) offers no path to truth, and should not be taken as authoritative, argues the empiricist. Bus empiricists are a product of the enlightenment: we should no longer just unquestioningly accept the teachings of the Bible, the Ancient Philosophers, or indeed, the Bus Timetable.

Read more about empiricism here.


Blogger Beth said...

I wish I could have such Big Thoughts on the train as you have on the 43.

But to me, it's either late or it's not late.

What is my philosophy?

10:17 pm  
Blogger Delta said...

To me, it's that 7:32 bus that swings round the corner into Northenden! Then I get on, attempting to do my best not to look affiliated with the mob of idiots who also go to my highschool.

4:20 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

Beth, I suggest you are a Binary Positivist, (though don't go round telling people).

5:48 pm  

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