Monday, August 21, 2006

Java for Students and Delightless Pop

I am like you.

I feel my journey is being sabotaged by an inescapable impatience; an irrational itch for the unobtainable. Will whitening my knuckles as I grip the dimpled orange bar make the bus move faster? Will my unjustified frustration toward the guy who fumbles in a bag for his bus pass help him in his search?

I want to relax and enjoy the passage through familiar places and fruitful thoughts, but instead I fight a weakness (this irrational impatience) that so rudely pinches and prods me into discomfort.

[That guy across from me is reading Java for Students, and some boy a few seats back has delightless pop music hissing out of his mobile phone]

Who are we to be so controlled by the parts of us we would rather let go of, or excise with a sharp knife? But it is not so simple; we are not the sum of a thousand separate parts that can be popped out like Lego bricks if they don’t suit our tastes.

A single person waves the bus down at every stop, at every five yards. Perhaps if I concentrate hard enough the bus driver will stop picking up and dropping off, and I will get there on time.


Blogger Tim said...

I really like this blog. I'm sorry we didn't really get to speak at the blogmeet thing. Or maybe we did and I was too far gone to remember. Anyway. I really like this blog. And thanks for the link. Over.

6:28 pm  
Blogger Geoff said...

hey, thanks tim, thats very kind of yo u. Well, I also like your blog, makes me laugh.

8:51 pm  
Blogger piccadillywilson said...

hey geoff
check out 'the divine conspiracy' by dallas willard for a development of your lego person idea. 'reductio ad absurdum' drawn from matthew 5:28-30 - it's very cool.

2:49 am  

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